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We are dedicated to adding value through a focused, patient and disciplined investment approach to benefit our clients.

Our Story

We were founded in 1988 with the goal of providing investors with a superior approach to managing investment portfolios. Over the years, our focused large-cap growth strategy combined with our “Invest as Business Owners” process has resulted in our long term success.

Why Wedgewood

Focus is our edge. We think and act like successful business owners. We employ a single strategy of investing in approximately 20, best-of-breed businesses within a true, long-term, multiyear, multi-cycle time horizon.

Investment Process

We believe profitability is the foundation for determining a business’ intrinsic value.  As such, defensible, peer-leading profitability is a key element we look for when investing in companies.  Sustained multi-cycle, superior profitability is a rare attribute that considerably narrows down our investible universe.

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