Why Wedgewood

Focus is our edge—a single strategy of approximately 20 large-cap growth stocks that add value over a multi-year, multi-cycle time-frame. We think and act like business owners, targeting companies with solid balance sheets, free cash-flow generation and low debt.

We are not looking to game quarterly earnings; our comprehensive research involves debate, rigor and patience in order to identify superior long-term investments, often with a strong contrarian component. We are process-driven and believe "boring is beautiful," and therefore stick with what we find. Our flat, rather than hierarchical, corporate culture fosters conviction, independence and a cross-pollination of discussion and ideas from different, yet complementary, perspectives.

With three decades of investing success, we provide professional advice, portfolio management and pension consulting services to three distinct client segments: Third-party investment advisors; institutions (pensions, defined contribution plans, ERISA-based organizations and endowments); and, high-net-worth investors.

We believe professional investment management requires an academically-based, scientifically-supportable approach blended with the qualitative analysis, intuition and instincts that can only be honed from years of experience. The result is a carefully crafted investment management process that yields superior results.

Our management philosophy is based on three key investment tenets:

  1. A focus on best-of-breed growth companies.

  2. The patience to institute and execute over longer time horizons.

  3. The discipline required to recognize undervalued/out-of-favor opportunities.

We are privately held and employee-owned with staff tenure that dates to the firm’s founding. We enjoy a culture of compliance that’s demonstrated through dedicated customer service, a strict code of ethics, and operational efficiency with detailed policies and procedures.

Our prudent approach to managing investments is based on a fiduciary relationship with each of our clients to act as a trusted investment advisor, generally considered the highest legal duty one party can have to another. As a SEC Registered Investment Advisor, our firm has a legal and moral obligation to always act in our clients’ best interests—a responsibility we take seriously.

Our Team

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Chief Investment Officer

Senior Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

Director of Business Development

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Technology Officer

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Head Trader

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Operations Manager


Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognize that businesses play a central role in improving and sustaining the quality of life of their clients, employees and surrounding communities. Wedgewood Partners believes strongly in the words of famed Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who observed that, detached from its values, money “may indeed be the root of all evil. Linked effectively to social purpose, it can be the root of opportunity.”

We therefore care deeply for individuals both within and outside Wedgewood Partners, as well as the surrounding communities in which we operate. We always serve with the best interests of our clients as our first priority. We also value the contributions of our team members and help support their personal and financial goals in the context of a healthy, productive and happy work environment.

We donate a portion of our profits to projects within our communities and actively encourage our associates to donate their "time, treasure and/or talent" to their communities in areas about which they are passionate.

Lastly, we strive to act responsibly towards the environment and support and/or encourage programs beyond our reach that foster stewardship and conservation of natural resources.

Some of the organizations/programs about which we are passionate include, but are not limited to: Criminal Justice Ministry (CJMSTLOUIS); Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments (ALIVE); Heart and Brain Foundation, research for brain cancer; Saint Louis University, a private Jesuit research university; Washington University in St. Louis, a private research university; the Saint Louis Zoo; St. Louis Area Food Bank; and St. Patrick Center, which provides assistance and opportunities to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.